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    MC3190 Pre-licensed devices asking for authorization?




      We have just purchased 15 new Motorola MC3190 devices with Telnet 7.0x pre-installed and pre-licensed on them. However whenever I try to connect to the host profile I created (Web host profile). It tries to Authorize the Terminal and looks for a licensed server. When I press Add License I can see my pre-installed license there but the authorize button is greyed out? Not sure where to go from here....




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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Rob,


          This has been posted in the section for the LANDESK Service Desk product but I'm guessing you're using one of our other products?  I can normally guess and move the thread but in this case I'm not sure what you're trying to do!  Could you give some more information on which LANDESK product (and which component of it) you're using?  I can then make sure this gets the right people's attention.