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    Dashboard publishing


      I need to create a dashboard for active tickets open for >=5 days and a dashboard for active tickets open for >=10 days for tickets whose case type is not payroll.  I then need to display these dashboards to 4 people but 2 should only see US tickets and 2 should only see nonUS tickets.  My guess is I will need to make a >=5 days dashboard for US and one for nonUS and then a >=10 days dashboard for US and one for nonUS but please let me know if I could accomplish this with only the 2 dashboards.


      For Criteria I have

      Status.IS End Is Equal To (False)

      AND Status.IS Completion Is Equal To (False)

      AND Case Type.Title Is Not Equal To (Payroll)

      AND Raise User.HR Region Is Equal TO (US)


      I cannot figure out where I can specify that the ticket has been active for a period of time.  I also am not sure how to publish the dashboard to individual analysts.  The analysts that these dashboards need to be published to are not in a role or group by themselves.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          Yes it sounds like you need four individual queries to do this.  You can create two dashboards (US and non-US) and put both relevant queries on each.




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            So in the query, how would I be able to have it only display the tickets that have been created for more than 5 days?

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              I'd suggest Creation Date is older than 5 days

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                As Stu indicated, you can build two dashboards, one for US and one for Non-US.  These can then be published to each member you want to have access to them.  From the toolbar at the top, click on Settings and then select Dashboard Designer.  Once the Dashboard has been built, select the Dashboard from the list under Dashboard Pages, at the top under Actions, select Publish, and a new window will open up.  From here you can change the type to publish to:  Group, Role, User.  Select User and add the users you want.


                As DMS has indicated, use the Creation Date is older than 5 days.  You may want to consider to add in an "OR"  and say OR Creation Date is less than 10 days.  This would keep your first list limited to 5-10 day old tickets, instead of everything over 5 days.