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    Action to send ticket to another module


      We are running Service Desk 7.7.1.  We have created an action in the HR module to Send to IT Incident and Send to IT Request.  For the most part it working correctly and sending over the title, raise user, and description.  The one thing it does not send over is the attachments.  Is there a way to have the attachments from the HR module get automatically sent over to either Incident or Request depending on which action is chosen?

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          Not as far as I am aware.  Same really for any other collection contents that are on the process already e.g. notes that have been added.  However, the new IT Incident/IT Request has a link back to your HR module, so people can view the attachments from there (and notes etc), not ideal as it's some extra clicks, but I think that is the best you'll be able to do.