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    For each network driver added in winpe LDVBOOT1.img i need to reinstall PXE-REP






      In a LDMS87 SP5 envirnoment with PXE-REP on Core server (I know it's not suggested),

      I had problems with different models of HP-nx7400,HP-nx8220, Lenovo-X61. PXE boot worked correctly but when it loads WinPE menu in the step it is waiting for ip-address it says: "no adapter drivers found"



      I added all drivers requested using the console wizard but it still does not work; Everything worked fine only after reinstalling PXE representative (uninstalling and re-launching OSDREP.MSI).


      So in my case i had to reinstall PXE rep for each driver i added although in the LDVBOOT1.img ..\system32\drivers\ folder i could see drivers file added.


      I'm asking if is it a normal procedure, because  manuals do not talk about it



      Regards Roberto Sacco