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    Landesk HII


      When I open my HII Driver Management, there are no files there. If I go to assign, there will be an inventory of the drivers for a model there that I am working on. If do Build library that work fine and show results like it should be. I am working on setting up provisioning but having issues with installing drivers. How to get the drivers to appear in the HII Driver Management? Any thoughts on how to fix this?



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          Depends on version, but I am running 9.5 (no SP), and I have better luck doing the HII from the core server.  I drop the files in the \\coreserer\ldmain\landesk\files\drivers folder.  Under this folder I have folders named, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Intel.  Under these folders I place the model specific drivers.  Then I point the HII Driver Repository Manager to this folder.  It then generates the Drivers.db3 file.  There should be a default Drivers.db3 file in this folder.  I like to backup this file, so that I can easily go back to the previous version.  You get to the HII Driver Repository Manager through the OS Deployment Screen.

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