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    Subroutine behaviour in Processs

    Adam Wilden Expert

      I know this has been raised before, but I can't find a topic.


      I've been asked to add a fairly complex loop of actions to each of 5 statuses in my Incident Process.


      It would be so good to be able to add it just once...


      One option would be to have an action called "Gosub" with a similar action called "Return" which sent you back to the relevant Gosub...


      Or an option to create small independent/isolated process-sections that could be named as a single Action (bundle) and called accordingly...  For example, a segment called "Assign to Customer" which re-assigned the call, sends a reminder or two, adds a note and ticks a tickbox etc.


      This could then be created once and called from any status that required it via an Action...


      I know things could get complex, but still think this would be very useful.


      Does anyone know is there is an existing ER?  (I can't find one).


      Cheers - Adam.