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    Provisioning with HII


      I am using 9.5 SP2 and working on getting provisioning to work. I have a video driver that doesn't installl during provisioning. The files get downloaded to the workstation and the files are in the c:\windows\lddriverstore. Once the image is complete if I try to update the driver manually and point to the c:\windows\lddriverstore it works fine.  Any toughts as to why it does not install via provisioning? I see the Landesk mirroring driver get installed but not the correct video driver. Thanks

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          Gjstewart Specialist

          Does the driver need a setup run? Or can you just point it to the inf file?

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            I go into device manager and run the update driver and point to the c:\windows\lddriverstore directory and it installs fine. I right clicked the .inf file and tried install and that did not work.

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              For my drivers not working in HII:   I had to add a line to my unattend.xml (Install Script) under the 'FirstLogonCommand' section to run a batch file.  That batch file does several things, but the main thing is it does a WMI query to determine the model and vendor.  Then it looks in a folder with the same name as the vendor, and subfolder as model.  (Dell -- Latitude E7240).  Under each folder I have an 'Install.cmd'  which kicks off the Setup.exe for any additional drivers required.  I also kickoff the DPInst32.exe and point to the folder that does not have a setup.exe, but seems to load from Device Manager.

              DPINST32.EXE /SA /SW /SE /SH /PATH "\\Coreserver\Drivers\Hewlett-Packard\HP ProBook 6450b\HotKey\
              This last part may be all you need.

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                Add an execute file to the system configuration and add the DPINST32.EXE /SA /SW /SE /PATH"WHERE THE PATH OF THE DIRECTORY IS" ? Is that want you mean?

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                  Yes.  create a shared folder for additional drivers (if you don't already have one), and add DPINST32.EXE to the root of that folder.  Then have your drivers under a subfolder.  Then map a drive to the shared folder, and run the following:

                  mappeddriveletter\DPINST.EXE /sa /sw /se /path "mappeddriveletter\subfolder"


                  That should install just like you were doing it through Device Manager.


                  -- I add a line to the unattend.xml file through the Provisioning Template.  Then this line kicks off a batch file that does all sorts of things.  I found it easier to leave my image pretty barebones, and make small tweaks and things from my batch file.  That way I am not always changing my image.

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                    I will get that set up and give it a try and let you know tomorrow. Thanks,

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                      Thanks alot for the help, I downloaded the dpinst.exe and mapped the drives and it worked.

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                        Good to hear.  I went through the same problems, tried all kinds of different ways around them, and just found it easier to call a batch file to do the majority of the work.  Much easier to change a batch file rather than a Provisioning tasks, or Image.