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    Reporting problems with "Not Like" query operator



      I am trying to create a custom report of "Application Suites" installed on each computer, but exclude some unnecessary applications. I have successfully created the report, except for the exclusions. I am attempting to use the "Not Like" operator to exclude several programs, such as "Security Updates" but the report comes up empty. If I use the "Like" operator to just include a specific application, such as "Security Updates", the report will display just those applications... I am using "Security Updates" as a wild card as there are many different "Security Updates" applications that I want to exclude from my custom report.



      Here is the Query filter that does not work: "Computer"."Software"."Application Suites"."Application Suite"."Name"  Not Like  "%Security Update%"



      I have even created a new basic custom report with just the query filter above & having it display the "Computer"."Software"."Application Suites"."Application Suite"."Name" field. It works for the "Like" operator, but not for the "Not Like" operator.



      The only way I have gotten the "Not Like" operator to work is to list the entire application name, such as the following query filter: "Computer"."Software"."Application Suites"."Application Suite"."Name"  Not Like  "%Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906)%"



      I have also tried both Security Update* and Security Update as the value instead of just Security Update using the Not Like operator & they do not work either.



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.