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    Incorrect patch severity


      Did anyone else notice some patches not matching the patch severity from Microsoft?


      I have my machines reporting only to WSUS, so i can quickly see if I am compliant with basic Microsoft patches. this is not the first time i have noticed missing patches from landesk, as i usually apply all patches with low and above.


      these are examples of patches marked important on WSUS but N/A on landesk







      this is including the originally published severity. Now i couldn't find the severity online anywhere, but it comes in from WSUS as important.

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          Gjstewart Specialist

          LANDesk uses the CVSS Standard.




          This is a global standard independent of a vendors scoring. Some microsoft patches are Important from a Microsoft point of view as they want you to patch their systems. However from a global stand point they are simply N/A and not a security threat.


          What are the patches in question doing when applied? What are the re-mediating?