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    How do I deploy an msi from Landesk 8.8 to run as local user?



      I need to run an msi from Landesk Management Suite 8.8 on a user's pc, but it must run as the local logged in user, NOT SYSTEM, and it must install all shortcuts to the local logged in user's profile, NOT ALL USERS.



      The msi definitely runs under the local logged in user, and installs correctly when I manually install it.

      But when I deploy from my Landesk Task, it only runs as System and install to all users from my Landesk Task.   I know 8.8 has the option in Distribution Package to run as the Current User. This does not appear to work though. I can watch the msi and all tasks run as SYSTEM in my Task Manager.



      Anyone any ideas?



      For Compliance reasons I need to install all apps only to the logged in user's profile, I do not want shortcuts to be on All User's Desktop or Startmenu.



      And just so you don't suggest it, the msi manually installs to the Current Logged In User, but not via Landesk.