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    Motorola 3190Z don't read all the RFID tags

    livio.daneluzzi Rookie



      with your help I found some solutions to my problems and started to use our Motorola 3190Z handheld, but now I found another little problems with the tags number read by RFID.


      I use Telnet CE connected to an iSeries, and I created a program on it that show a video format where there's a field over write the tags datas read by RFID.

      I start the program and than enable the RFID reader. All OK!


      Start the trigger for to read 138 tags in a cartoon box with 400mm. X 400mm. X 600mm. dimensions and the handheld starts to read them. Every tags readed go to my field on video and automatically wrote in an iSeries database, but here start the problem. It stops its reading operations sometimes at 128, 134, 135, 136, and sometimes the right 138.


      I'm near the box, I tried over it, aroung it, at a distance maximum of 50mm. but nothing change. It doesn't read always the right number of tags.


      I don't know if the problem is about the passage of the data from iSeries video to database, too slow for the cache of the handheld or if there's a way to calibrate better the reader.


      Thanks a lot for the help.