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    Agent install problem when doing End To End OS deploy via provisioning

    Laszlo Apprentice

      We are using LDMS 9.5 SP1

      I am trying to create a provisioning template thatwill build a system from OS deployment to final install steps. Have been successful but have one problem that prevents usage on a Global scale. Installing the Advanced agent. If I use the Configure Agent Action item I am successful all the time. The down side is sites in Eastern Europe or Greater Asia, agent install is 30 - 60 minutes, if lucky. Using a complied Agent EXE that provisioning template runs is a little more tricky. If I use a complied EXE that contains Desktop Manager, the device fails to communicate to the core properely and the next 'Map/UnMap to Preferred Server' fails with "unable to establish session with Server <our core>'. If I use a complied EXE that has Portal Manager instead again successful all the time. Issue here is that we have found an issue with Portal Manager when a certain number of packs containing a certain size total source is selected it crashes the Portal Manager. LANDesk Engineering are aware of the issue and state "will be fixed in the next version of LDMS" So has anyone ever done this using the complied EXE w/ Desktop Manager or have an idea how I can make it work Globally?