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    Case insensitivity


      I have question regarding case insensitivity with Oracle database. I can't log into Console or Web Desk using 'sa' username, but I have to use 'SA' instead. With SQL there wasn't such problem.


      The second problem is case insensitivity in query criteria. I've added key:

      <add key="ClobCaseInsensitivity" value="true" /> to C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ServiceDesk\ServiceDesk.Framework\tps.config and C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ServiceDesk\ServiceDesk.WebAccess\tps.config. Then when I created test query with "contains" criteria on Title it's not working, but it's working with same criteria on Description field. Please help!

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          I'd raise both issues with your local support team.  For the former there is a trigger you can use to force case insensitive usage.  It does have some performance implications apparently, but we have found Oracle deployments unusable without having case insensitive usage.  I thought the latter issues was fixed in more recent releases, but as I say support can guide you more on that one.