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    duplicate serial #'s in LDMS


      I have used this in the past to pull the duplicated serial #'s without issue, but have run it recently & had problems - it seems to not be showing anything despite the fact that I know for sure there are duplicates in the database.


      Duplicate Serial Numbers


      On LDMS 9.5 SP1 in case that matters

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Where are you pulling the SerialNumber from? From the Computer and/or CompSystem table?



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            using this query:


            SELECT "Computer"."Computer_Idn", "Computer"."DeviceName", "CompSystem"."Computer_Idn", COUNT("CompSystem"."SerialNum") AS "COUNT_SerialNum"

            FROM "DATABASENAME"."dbo"."Computer" "Computer"

            INNER JOIN "DATABASENAME"."dbo"."CompSystem" "CompSystem"

              ON "Computer"."Computer_Idn" = "CompSystem"."Computer_Idn"

            GROUP BY "Computer"."Computer_Idn", "Computer"."DeviceName", "CompSystem"."Computer_Idn"

            HAVING COUNT("CompSystem"."SerialNum") > 1


            so I believe the actual serial # info is coming from compsystem, while cross-referencing based on Idn on both tables.

            Also - Yes, I did alter the "Databasename" to my own DB name