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    Blocking Applications based on "LDAP Location" variable...


      Newbie here, but I hopefully have a simple question. We have several locations that require certain computers to have blocked applications (Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc).  These computers are separated in to unique OU's for easier management.


      Now I am really new to LANDesk (v8.8 btw), but is there a way to specify a list of applications to block for one OU, but then have a different list of applications to block for the remaining computers or a different OU?


      Example (attached picture)



      The "Labs - Internet Blocked" would have applications X, Y and Z blocked, but the "Desktops - Internet Blocked" would only have applications Y and Z blocked.


      Appreciate any help.

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          zman Master

          Yes it can be done. I'm away from a console so I can't provide examples (not sure why you need examples the helpfile/manual has about 7 sentences on the topic    ). One thing I can say from our testing is -  slmupdateadinfo.exe is a pig depending on your OU structure (this is app that populates the DB with LDAP information for SLM/LDAP). In our shop I've seen it gobble up over 1gb of memory and take well over 1 hour to run  . My understanding is that LANDesk does not really utilize AD's global catalog. So in very large complex AD environments reading LDAP can be very very slooooooowwwwwww.