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    Problem with laser and an MC55




      I have TelnetCE with WEB profile, version 7.3.175

      I have 2 WEB sessions.


      If I use a single session, everything works.

      But if I use 2 sessions connected at the same time, sometimes the laser stops to work, randomly.

      There's no a particular part of the program I'm in use, the laser works for the most time, but sometimes it stops, with no messages or errors.

      Switching to the other session re-enable the laser, and this problem occurs on both the sessions (that runs different programs).

      Finally, the problem occurs from 10 to 50 minutes I start to work.


      I used a previuos version of TelnetCE (7.3.69), but problem is the same.


      Some other info: The OS is Windows Embedded Mobile 6.5, I'm already using the "WEB Alternate Browser Support" for both the sessions