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    self service link in emails does not work

    itskiguy Apprentice



      I'm using Service Desk 7.6.2.  We're having an issue with the emails generated by Service Desk having links in them that don't work.  It's not clear if there are two problems or just one (I suspect two).  Here's what we get:



      You see above that the link target is http://<server>/<webacces>/object/open.rails?class_name=incidentmanagement.incident&key=373b64a6-3086-4598-a532-338b24b9e069


      • Question 1 - is that the correct link?  I had expected that to be translated to be an actual URL with the server name in it when the email is generated. 

                     The code in the Reminder is <a href="{$ApplicationSetting.ProcessApprover.WebAccessApproverURL$}">Click here to view and respond via Self Service.</a>

                     Under Settings\System\Process Approver, the URL is http://<Server>/<WebAccess>/object/open.rails?class_name={Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name}&key={Guid}


      I found one post on here suggesting to add html and body tags, but that didn't help.


      Thanks for any help