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    7.7.2 Desktop management features

    colinheinen Apprentice

      Hi All,


      So I've just upgraded our test environment to 7.7.2 as i was quite excited for the new Desktop Management features.

      We don't own the landesk management suite but have basic desktop functions that we use regularly, e.g. ping and a one click VNC connection with pass-through password saved into the connection string.


      I've tried the tools straight out of the box without any tinkering and when evoked come up with Starting Ping or Starting VNC - then nothing happens.


      I've had a look at the code behind the connection options and this is what's in place for the 'ping' we use.


      <div class="popupItem" id="action_item_4" 
      params='{"class_name": "System.EndUser", "key": "ee725498-ef4c-4e7f-be5f-9ea07627583a", "custom_app": "&#37;22c&#37;3A&#37;5Cwindows&#37;5Csystem32&#37;5Cping.exe&#37;22", "custom_prefix": "", "custom_menu": "Ping", "custom_postfix": "", "custom_displayFormControlId": "", "custom_attributeValue": "LEILDI001" }'  callback="new TP.Generic().launchGenericTool"  hasSecondLevelItems="False">


      Have i missed a document somewhere that explains how to set this up or will it not work as intended?

      These right click desktop actions are pretty much the only thing keeping me from switching everyone to webdesk so would be great if they work!