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    When using a detection rule on a normal software package, how to quickly reinstall package ?


      WE having a detection rule on the SAP 7.30 client. Looks for %PROGRAMFILES%\SAP\Frontend\SAPgui.exe with version >= 7300.

      The software deployments is run from the delivery method Portal Manager as optional once with messages of install and ends with a succesfull message.


      Now the teamleader already installed the package from the portal ( no problems ) He now want to reinstall the package,


      1. Ok ask him to uninstall the package so the detection will not be in place.

      2. Have to do a /F inventory scan to start the software scan to see if it is uninstalled else he has to wait a day already for the next auto software scan.

      3. Remove him from the task as he already has a succesfull install that won't try again. Restart task twice else it wont advertise in the portal

      4. He does policy.sync .exe on client


      Can this be done in an automatic fashion ? As it can be daunting to do this every reinstall ?


      PS. Don't want to do a multiple portal deployment as the users should have a clean Portal Manager !


      Anyone any idears ?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          If you want to allow anyone to re-install an application at will, then realistically you need to make the policy an as desired policy since a once-only setting doesn't give a re-install option.


          Detection rules should only apply if the package is being used as a dependency, they shouldn't make any difference to whether or not a particular package gets installed. For that you would use pre-requisites which would be based on inventory data.


          If you don't want to allow just anybody to re-install then either deal with this as a one-off by the support team having to push it again, or add certain people to a different version of that policy that gives them the as-desired option (or a repeat availability of once per day/week etc.)


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            Hello Mark,


            Thanks for quick response.

            I intentionally didn't use the, As  Desired option with Portal Deployment. I don't want users to deploy SAP multiple times, when its installed it should be removed from the Portal so the user knows it's done.


            Only when the user uninstalled the package i want the user to be able to start the deployment process from the start.

            Remove PC from task ( because has succesfull status )

            Refresh full inventory ( to remove detection rule entrie from inventory )

            Read the computer to the task

            Start working or waiting.


            Then i hope the task will just advertise itself back in the Portal but it doesn't. The working of the delievery methods sound now like deploy once and "never again" ?



            PS. For Detection, so this is not adviced to use it as an installation detection ? Although the working is perfect for it ? Tried both ways... Detection is working or us ..... !

            Detection will give you output succesfull when already installed so the pc in the task will jump to succesfull rigth away, this is what we expect and hope...we use it for batch file distribtutions

            Pre-Requisites will query for the installation ) .exe or so and you can query if it's not availble let it true but the status will be failed .... although it shoulds be succesfull as the correct status is that the installation has been succesfull.

            BTW the status of detections is changed in 9.5 SP2 before that the status was failed for detection too.


            Does the detection look for the .xml file of the task or the rule ? Want to troubleshoot where and why task won't run again. Even after policy syncs adding machine again the task log didnt move for 5 days. Can i clear a registry item for example...