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    sdclient - requirepref switch not working in winpe 64Bit?

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Hey guys - can anyone tell me if they have the requirepref switch for sdclient working in winpe?


      if i run these


      sdclient.exe /f /o /dest=x:\win_prov_files.xml /p=http://CORE/ldlogon/provisioning/win_prov_files.xml


      sdclient.exe /f /o /dest=x:\win_prov_files.xml /p=http://CORE/ldlogon/provisioning/win_prov_files.xml /attemptpref


      it works but no preferredservers.dat file ( as expected )


      if i run this..


      sdclient.exe /f /o /dest=x:\win_prov_files.xml /p=http://CORE/ldlogon/provisioning/win_prov_files.xml /requirepref


      I get an error downloading file... and no dat file. this used to work fine in winpe ( been using it in the past ).


      This is 64Bit winpe ( need to try 32bit yet... will update my findings. tried 32Bit and its fine...so )


      however same command on full client in windows - works fine so the it just appears to be winpe... can anyone else try that command in provisioning and tell me if it works for them?


      Its a download of an xml of the core - it serves no purpose the file could be any file for this test.