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    B2B Connector : Software one - HP




      Is there any plan to add "Software One" and "HP" as B2B connector ?


      We missed this over there and it would be really useful for us (and I'm sure not only us )


      I would encourage that everyone interested in it to add a +1 or something


      Thanks for your help,

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          Because of how the web site is designed for Software One we can't directly get the report.  However, they are working on providing a service for us.  However, the more SoftwareOne customers who call SoftwareOne and ask them for it, the more pressure they will get to hurry on it.


          As to HP, the website I have seen for them is so complex as to be very difficult to create a b2b.  However, if enough HP customers pressure them, they might create a web service for us like some others have.

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            shiznik911 Rookie

            How about GOVConnection.com. Can someone find out if this can be added or if we need to request raw data and imported. If so, what type of data show I ask them to add in the spreadsheet. They are our software and hardware vendor.