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    When [tps_audit_id] (integer) IDENTITY column was added to the audit trail table (maybe v7.5?), was it done preserving the order of existing rows?


      I know that we had millions of audit rows before this integer column was added by an upgrade. I want to know when this column was added, if audit rows were maybe sorted by creation_date and then numbered in this column.


      I want to know if I can safely assume that this sequence of numbers is the exact order that rows were created in. I had developed my own way of adding rowId's to the audit trail, and I'd like to re-vamp it to use this column and retire my "alternate table" stuff that I had made.


      Again, is it safe to assume that [tps_audit_trail].[tps_audit_id] is in the exact order that the audit rows were created, even though it came along later?