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    Is there a "safe" way to reboot a Mac with a confirmation dialog box?

    csoto Specialist

      We're using LDMS 9.5SP2, and we can remotely reboot a Mac using HTML Remote Control, with an option to display a dialog box allowing the user to allow or cancel.  This dialog also times out and if so, proceeds with the reboot.  That's exactly the function we desire.  There are some Javascript libraries in /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/rcwebroot that appear responsible for this functionality.


      However, we want to be able to script this activity, either locally or through Scheduled Tasks.  Does anybody have documentation of how to make this work, or is there an alternative method?  I can script this with osascript and whatnot, but I'd rather use the built-in feature.  It already does exactly what I need.