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    LD agent check in for policies frequency


      We have the LD agent running on devices that are reboot often, with a login to a default Windows account.  I would like the agent to check for policies every time the user logs on (in case the device was reboot in the middle of a package install), so I checked that option under Agent configuration.  I set the "max random delay" to 0 hours, which I hope means immediately.  However, the agent did not resume an interrupted package download (using a policy-supported push)  until after I performed an inventory scan.  Can anyone help me with what these options are actually doing?  Any tips for best practices to get an agent to check in frequently?  Or should I control it from the core and change the task to run on failed devices more frequently?  Thank you in advance.

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          reneeatfdny,  have you created a local scheduler script and added it to that device?  You can run C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ldclient\localsch.exe /tasks |more on a client to see how it should look, but then change it to the policysync.exe service on the agent.  Then deploying this script should allow for check in upon login.