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    Software Distribution Portal Backup???



      We are currently using LANDesk 8.6 (SP2 i believe) and we will be upgrading to version 8.8 in the coming months.  Incase things go horrible wrong or just the Software Distribution Portal lists don't transfer over is there anyway for me to get a backup of it or just a listing of each Policy Task including the users under that task?  Even in a simple text or excel file will be fine, just so thats its backed up.






      What we have is 8 LANDesk cores and about 100+ Policy Tasks created with over 10-15 various people for each task.  This is all setup for the Software Distribution Portal in LANDesk (or policy-based delivery) so users can install the software as they need it instead of constantly requesting it.  I would hate for it to all disappear during the upgrade and then having to contact over 100+ people at various sites to find out what software they had or need and set this all up again.  Obviously the best method would be a complete backup that can be applied to the new version 8.8 of LANDesk with no manual labor but i'd even be fine with a text or excel file of this listing of software tasks and the users inside each task so i can do it manually if need be.  I tried looking under View As Report but it only shows the listing of tasks not the users under each task. 






      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.