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    Status in Queue


      Is there a way to show a user their position in a request queue or incident queue? Ex: Your request for a new domain account is 4 out of 10.

      So that it will decrease the number of calls to our help desk asking about the status of their incident or request.

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          Unfortunately this isn't possible because Service Desk doesn't really have any concept of a "queue", at least not in any particular order.  If you are viewing a query to work through your new incidents the query has been designed specifically to show the results in an order of your choice (for example, Creation Date).  But there is nothing on the records themselves that know how they will be ordered in a query.

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            Anita.Carr Apprentice

            Hi Stu, I see that this was posted a few years ago now. I was wondering if anything has changed to allow this? I know the concept behind the query results displaying hasnt changed however if they were displayed in a report template is there a way to number the jobs sequentially in the display? Currently the end users are counting what position their job is in the queue, a visual display of the number in the list would be good?