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    Problems with OS Provisioning, specifically GetLocalTasks Distrubtion Package


      Hi everyone.


      I'm working on replacing our old MSDT server for OS deployment purposes and have been moderatly successful with some assistance from Landesk reps.


      I've run into a challange and I'm unable to find the information needed to point me to the solution.


      My deployment is fine up until Action_Type=Distribute_Software. At this point, the deployment appears to go no further.


      There's no indication as to issues in any log files I'm able to identify, or event viewer. The process just stops.


      #CoreApplications is the repository of all OS deployment related apps that are potentiall installed.

      #Provisioning Task Group refers to the specific Apps for this task and in which order we want them installed in.


      I've checked C:\LDProvisioning and C:\Program Files\Landesk\LDClient\Data for any active log files to indicate what's causing the process to simply stop.


      We have no other existing issue with our Landesk server, and we've had no issues with deploying packages to existing computers.


      Any suggestions of where to look next?


      Landesk 9.5 SP2


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