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    Problems with Android mobile inventory



      we use LANDESK 9.5 SP1.

      Yesterday i found many files in "Program Files (x86)\LanDesk\ManagementSuite\ldscan\ErrorScan" like 8ec1.350a9abac62acfc1.scn.

      In the windows logs they are following messages:

      2014-07-18 14-15-55_Clipboard.png

      In Database Table O_MobileAndroidProgram i found this entries:

      2014-07-18 14-17-30_Clipboard.png

      The entries in ProgramName have leading spaces!

      In the the files in ErrorScan i found following lines:

      2014-07-18 14-19-19_Clipboard.png

      Leading spaces again.


      I have cleanup this entries in the database by deleting the spaces. After that, the inventory works fine - one time!

      Then the leading spaces are already there.


      I need to cleanup the leading spaces before they was written to the database.