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    Creating template to PXE boot and run batch file menu?


      Hi everyone,


      I have something really odd I am trying to accomplish with LANDesk provisioning and wasn't sure if any of you might know how to do it or if it even can be done.


      Right now I have a USB hard drive I boot off of. The hard drive loads Win PE and then executes a batch file with menu options. The menu pauses and allows the user to select an option and then the batch file executes the option they select (such as deploying the Windows 7 image, secure wiping the hard drive, etc...). The batch file and associated script files do all the work as long as they are executed in the proper order and I am pointing to the correct file paths where they are stored.


      I'd like to be able to PXE boot into LANDesk provisioning and use the same process as what is on my drive. Essentially I just want to use LANDesk Win PE to PXE boot and then have it execute my custom batch file and scripts that I am already using on my external drive. I tried creating a template to do this. Basically, I pick the template after PXE booting and I have it map a drive to the install files and the batch file menu. This does what I ask. It maps the drive and executes the batch file, but the batch file doesn't allow for users to pick an option and the template closes.


      Is there an easier way to set this up in LANDesk, or am I crazy for trying to use LANDesk provisioning to do something like this?


      Thanks for any help you can provide,



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          Technically this can be done, We do the opposite and have a similar type of setup for our USB boot devices where as it defaults to wiping systems but has the option to still launch LDPROVISION. You could modify the boot.wim file used during LDMS PXE Boot, include your batch file and / or edit startnet.cmd and insert your batch command before the LDPROVISION section. You might modify your batch to include launching the LDPROVISION.EXE section. Always make a backup copy before modifying the boot.wim file in case of unexpected results.

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            Thanks for your reply . I ended up mounting the boot.wim LANDesk provided and just editing the startnet.cmd file to point to my menu. I had to tweak some additional file paths and such, but it's working great now. I appreciate the help!