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    Provisioning tasks continue before first startup finishes



      We're on Landesk 9.5 SP2 and have a weird issue during provisioning.  What we're seeing on some models is that after running CTOS, Landesk doesn't wait for the first startup(after sysprep) to finish.  It just keeps moving on to the next tasks as soon as the network drivers are installed.


      Our images are sysprepped and captured as TBI files.  Our provisioning tasks removes the disk partitions, deploys the image, run HII, then CTOS, and then supposed to run some more tasks after it starts up and auto logs into an administrator Windows account.  But it's not waiting for the first startup to finish.  I can see by refreshing the Landesk task that it moves onto the System Configuration section even before all the drivers have finished installing and whatever it is doing is interrupting that first startup, causing it to fail with the message "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click 'OK' to restart the computer. and then restart the installation."

      Restarting doesn't help.


      We've now added Wait 300 seconds as the first task in the System Configuration section as a workaround so Windows can finish and reboot.  Has anyone else seen this happening in their environment?  Our call to Landesk support ended up with them saying the same thing - just add a wait time.  We didn't have this issue in Landesk 9.0.  It always waited until after the first startup to finish and reboot before continuing any tasks,.




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          Under which header do you have the CTOS action?



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            It's in the Post-OS installation section.  Here's one of our standard templates.  We create each section separately and add it in the 'includes' section.  The image on the right shows you what the Post-OS section looks like.

            templatestandard.JPG   postoshii.JPG

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              My CTOS action appears as the last entry under "OS installation" - could you try that?



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                CTOS is supposed to be the last item listed in the Post-OS installation section.


                Is it possible that being included in an embedded template is causing the issue?  Try taking it out of the "Post-OS Common HII x64" template and adding it to the main template and see if that fixes it.

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                  Thanks for your replies!  I will test this as soon as I can.  I'll be away for a few weeks but will test it when I get back and post results.

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                    Catalysttgj Expert

                    I Seriously doubt that the ctos being in a child template matters at all. Any template that is executed basically gets flattened anyway, so this is probably not the issue. The basic problem is one of timing. Sysprep is not completing before provisioning fires up again, so it steps on whatever is left to do by sysprep. The wait timer bit in the beginning of the system configuration phase is a common solution/workaround. It basically guarantees a redo of that step should it not reach its full time consumption. The hope is that sysprep gets completely done and/or reboots before the timer completes for this initial wait command. If a reboot happens before the timer finishes, then provisioning should repeat the wait command again after the system comes up again. At least this is what I've experienced in the past. If the timer runs out before sysprrep, the same problem will happen, in which case you simply increase the wait time even more, until you no longer experience the issue. That's why 5 minutes is a good amount, though it slows down the whole process. You could try a shorter amount, but it's a lot of effort to save some seconds figuring out what the shortest wait that works will be. Your real solution is to review your sysprep process and consider moving whatever post steps that sysprrep is doing (ie.. Anything being done with auto admin logon and running scripts, etc..) into provisioning steps if that's possible. By the time a windows system is performing an auto admin logon, provisioning is already running for sure, and in reality it's firing up very soon in the services starting phase of the OS. Otherwise, keep this wait time solution, but whatever you decide, good luck with your efforts on it!

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                      dwagner1 Apprentice

                      I use the following:


                      "Create default partitions" in the Pre-OS installation section

                      "Deploy Image" in the OS installation section

                      "Run BCDBoot" in the Post-OS installation -

                           Execute File action - target path:  bcdboot.exe

                           Command Line parameters: C:\Windows /s S:

                      "Bootable" in the Post-OS installation

                           Action Type: Make Bootable

                           Disk 0

                           Partition id: 1

                           Checkbox Bootable checked

                      "Inject Script" in the Post-OS installation - unattend.xml file

                      "HII" in the Post-OS installation

                      "Configure Target OS" in the Post-OS installation

                      "Install Provisioning LANDESK Agent" - very lightweight agent for software deployment tasks later in the System Configuration section


                      Hope that helps!


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                        Hi,  I just wanted to followup on this discussion. We were only seeing this on some models and for those, nothing has worked aside from adding the Wait time as the first action in the System Configuration pass.