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    Provisioning - Capture HELP!!!!


      I am at my wit's end!!  Been working on this for days!!  Please help me with a provisioning capture problem.  I can't capture an image either in OSD or Provisioning.  I am now working at trying to capture an image with Provisioning.  I understand the process.  I made sure that my PXE rep has the right NIC driver for the laptop that I am trying to capture an image off.  The PXE boot initializes fine and gets to the point where it runs the Provisioning agent script but when it goes to capture the image it fails with the following info:



      Error: [80001803H] The action failed

      Return: -1



      I thought it was a permissions issue but then I was able to open a new console and run a net use command successfully to the location I am trying to capture the image to.

      I even tried adding a map command to the script, to run in the "Pre-OS" section of the template and the mapping runs successfully but then the capture fails.

      If it is not a permissions issue, what else can it be?


      Which log should I be looking at for some clues to this issue?



      Thank you to anyone who can help

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          What image type are you trying to capture to?  What version of LDMS are you using?  Is your PXE Rep also a Preferred Server, and if so are you trying to store the captured image file(s) there or on the core server?


          The relevant logs should be located on the client at X:\ldprovision.  You can also check the logs at \\yourcoreserver\ldmain\log\Provisioning.


          You checked the permissions to the share on the PXE rep with NET USE, but does the exact folder you're trying to capture to exist?  For example, I have an images share on my PXE Reps\Preferred Servers located at C:\Images, but I capture to the C:\Images\Capture subfolder.  If the capture subfolder doesn't exist you'll receive an error.

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            Hi and thank you for replying Slapp.  I am trying to capture a Windows 7 image with ImageW v2.   I am using LDMS 9.5 SP2.  I did not set my PXE Rep as a Preferred Server.  Does it need to be set as a Preferred Server?  I am trying to store the captured image on the core server.


            I will check the logs on both the client and the core server.


            And as for your last question, yes the subfolder exists.


            Thanks again

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              If you are capturing to the core server then your PXE rep doesn't need to be a Preferred Server.


              You should double-check that the account you're using to access the capture share has write/modify rights and not just read only rights.


              I am using LDMS 9.5, but I attached the XML of my Win7 x64 capture template.  It's pretty basic, just a capture using ImageW V2 (like you) and storing it on the preferred server on my subnet before rebooting the client.

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                I did check all permissions.  I opened up as much as I could to everyone.  Gave the everyone group FULL CONTROL (in addition to all administrators) of all directories involved.


                Did you attach your XML to this thread?  I don't see it if you did.


                I am taking a close look at the logs on the client, which seem to be a little more informative than the logs on the core, which are quite cryptic and don't really give any clues as to what the real problem is.

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                  Well I believe my issues are actually being caused by my Domain Controller/Active Directory.  I am finding that I am having authentication issues and I decided to test the credentials that were set for my "Preferred Server" and they will not work.  I am 99% sure at this point there is an issue with authenticating to my domain controller.

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                    Ok, so for those inquiring minds that want to know, my problem was being caused by my Domain Controller.  My preferred server config credentials  were not able to authenticate with the domain controller because of a network config issue on my Domain Controller.  Now that I resolved that issue on my Domain Controller, I AM NOW ABLE TO CAPTURE AN IMAGE!!!!


                    Thank you SLAPP for responding to my call for help!

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                      Nice.  I'm glad you got it working.


                      I've never really seen a capture fail before, except for that one time I forgot to create the subfolder I was trying to capture to (hence the mention I made in my first post).