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    Reporting - Group devices by similar names


      We have our pc's named with a fairly standard naming structure


      aa = Office Location code

      BBBB = Department code

      CCDD = Building & Floor code

      EE = incremental numbers.


      I'd like to run a report where it groups the pc names by the second set - department code.


      Is there a way to construct this as either a query or report without having to break out each individual code that exists?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Dave,


          No standard way I'm afraid because sorting would be based on the starting characters.  If you had Data Analytics you would be able to create rules that processed the names to populate a field containing the data you wanted to sort against.


          If you had a small enough subset of these names you could create individual queries that search for LIKE such as *BBBB* but you would then just have one report per department.


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