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    Provisioning - Creating a custom Menu



      Hi Guys..



      I have a few questions regarding provisioning. I just started messing with it this week so bare with me! =) My first mission was to migrate my HII OSD job over to a sweet provisioning task. I got the template all built out but Im running into an issue and I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.



      1. When provisioning machines which do not have a job scheduled for them it creates a seperate scheduled task template for each machine. So if I was imaging a lab of 50 machines there would be 50 Templates. If These machines were pulled into a task, or were baremetal with the mac addresses imported into the database this does not happen. It used to be with basic OSD you could just fire off a OSD job from he menu and not have to worry about it building tasks on the back end. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? 



      The reason why we are looking to have the feel of the old WINPE menu is because we have a migration team going to different schools and using the Pxe menu was easy for them, but now having to go and grab all of he mac addys of every computer is going to be a pain. Sure we could run a UDD scan or get Macs from dhcp but the idea was to image the machines in a logical order. Our current HII job tosses up a vbscript which asks for the new computername and adds it to the registry, this is then added to the sysprep file instead of having the database input this info. * Only for a migration after the fact we would use provisioning the normal way.



      Also - Anyone have any neat ways to comment out the provsioning task actions? Would commented the XML work? I just been deleting the action or using the wait commands to debug actions to see if they proformed correctly. There should deff be an option to comment out an action though.. Maybe Im missing something. 






      Thanks in advance for any incite. 



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          Hope I'm getting this right






          Is the issue that when you begin a provisioning task from the client system (as opposed to pushing a provisioning task to the client), you are seeing all the "old" templates of machines which have already been provisioned (The ones listed with timestamps)?