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    Service Desk Configuration Centre broken after upgrade to 7.7.2

    jasoncadman Expert

      Dear All


      Windows 2008 R2 is the server os


      I've just 'successfully' upgraded from 7.7.1 to 7.7.2 and found that the Configuration Centre didn't seem to install correctly. Here's the difference between the 7.7.1 files (left) and the 7.7.2 (right) files

      7.7.1 left compared to 7.7.2 right.PNG


      Here's the error when I'm trying to access the portal.


      configuratino centre error.PNG


      I've tried copying over the files from the the 7.7.1 version of the software but there are registry errors when i try to access an instance. Although I can log in successfully. Also checked all the permissions to the folders and that the application pool is running as network service


      Thanks in advance