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    Device status






      How to really identify a device is online. Because the device is displaying as offline but if we ping the device it is giving the reply.






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          Jack.rotherham Specialist

          How do you have your agent discovery configured? It sounds as though the IP address in the inventory record is out-of-date and so LANDesk is not able to contact it via this.

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            Agent configuration is been set as default.



            The main issue i am facing is ,different user having the same ip(atleat 2 to 3 users). some time VPN users



            Can you help me out  how to disable the replication in the console






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              Do you mean you're seeing multiple servers with the same IP?



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                Not exactly. I can view all the normal desktop users, VPn users and Servers in LANDesk console.



                Consider a device name john, ip address (Showing online)and



                consider aanother device name black , ip address ip address) (showing offline)



                if i ping the ip it is resolving John ip address and if i ping by name(for black) it is resolving



                Can you plz tell me who is the  person belongs to



                and let me know how it can happen? and any solutions?









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                  By default Landesk contacts machines using IP address first. This means that if you have two machines that have reported back to the server with the same IP - for example because one machine reported back with the address, then has been switched off and another machine has now got the IP and reported it back to the server - they'll both show as switched on, even though only one of them is.






                  You can change the behaviour in the console by going to Configure->Agent Discovery Options and moving "IP Address" down below "DNS". This may cause problems if you have machines that you can't resolve by name, however, as if it can't contact a machine by DNS name it seems to give up without bothering to try the IP address.



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                    MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                    We can't solve the fact that the inventory may show more than one machine with the same IP address because of what has been discussed, however our free Power State Notifier plug-in can give you the current power state of a pc and you can see that in the columns to show the last reported state of that machine On, Off, Standby, Logged In/Out/Locked etc. It reports in real-time so doesn't rely on the inventory scan interval. Might help you out.


                    Take a look at http://www.marxtar.co.uk/products/PowerStateNotifier/LANDesk_PowerStateNotifierLite.htm for more info.



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                      I know I'm in this discussion kind of late, but when you ping john, I'm assuming it resolves to the correct address. However, when you ping black, it's resolving to the same address as John. This sounds like a DNS issue. I would ensure that you have enabled your DNS server(s) to scavenge stale resource records for the zone in which these systems reside and set the refresh interval to an appropriate number that coincides with your DHCP lease duration.



                      This won't resolve the issue that Landesk is reporting the wrong IP address, but that is only because the system named Black hadn't reported to the core server what it's new ip address is. Landesk is only going to report what it's agents last reported to it.



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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


                        It is a shame on these.  Lots of answers/suggestions but then it goes dead.  Would be nice to know if any of the suggestions answered it.



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