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        The extra DB's are nice, especially on extra servers, everything is separate.  The consultants were awesome to get us started but they don't know my business like I do so I don't trust anyone else.  Also, I have to support it and since I designed it I know it so much better.  With new modules, consultants could be helpful because of their experience.  They have seen what others have done and could make very useful suggestions.

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          yeah we use change, problem and incident. change is slow and it needs sign off all the time and if I can't justify it. It gets panned!


          I will look into having it locally though my laptop is pretty beefy

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            Got to love red tape! Good luck Nay and have a great weekend everyone .

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              wmorse Apprentice

              I happen to be the only true LANDesk Admin in our company also, and I have multiple other duties that seem to take a lot of my day. I too wish I could concentrat my full day on LANDesk since there is so much you can do with it but I can never find the time to dig into some of the stuff.

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                I am the only true LDMS adminstrator at my firm, but there is also an LDSD administrator.  I'm in a weird place in that I'm technically lumped in with the main service desk and actively take calls during the day, but the phone queue seems to distribute calls to others before me so I often have time to play with new ideas and concepts.


                When my firm "gave" me LDMS about 18 months ago it was largely broken and only being actively used for remote control.  It had been mismanaged by one or two others prior to me coming on board.  What's more, there were insufficient written policies for things like patching, standard software platform, etc. so I got to pretty much build out the processes from the ground up.


                I whipped patching into shape and established a 4 week cycle (3 pilot groups and 1 enterprise roll-out).  I created new images and set up provisioning templates, ditching the OSD images they had had for a couple years.  I packaged just about all the applications our firm uses and set up a series of scheduled tasks.  I documented and put together how to's (with screenshots) for everything like patching (which includes the entire firm process, not just the LDMS steps), remote control (for new IT hires), creating packages and tasks, building images, etc.


                Now, instead of someone on the service desk copying software installers to each computer in remote branches to install something new I can launch a task which had bandwidth controls and hit everyone whenever we need to.  I can pre-stage larger applications before it's "Go Time".  I set up PXE reps and preferred servers in all branches containing IT staff to cut imaging time from 6 hours ( ! ) to about 50 minutes.


                I could still use more time to focus on LDMS, but I've managed to get a lot done with the time I have.

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                  Thanks for responding too
                  I'm glad in a way that I am not the only one in this position, but saddened also that so many companies pay for LANDesk and refuse to invest in it to the extent dfleetwood is getting involved. My own time is normally taken up to make improvements or changes at no expense to company as I want to move forward but when does it end??

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                    I hear/feel the pain about the mismanagement it still goes on here "too many cooks and not enough chefs" especially here. everyone has there own diluted version of the truth and it's taking sometime to get to a single version of it.


                    I am a little different in the fact that my role involves a lot of travelling between several sites across the UK, I also cover a rental centre 100 staff members strong alone, administer SharePoint and a CRM single handedly so my time is very precious. I have to slot out windows in my diary to be able to work on LANDesk and such. However that window gets smashed all the time so very difficult.


                    Slapp you sound like you enjoy the LANDesk part a lot more than the support is that correct? How long have you been doing the other part of your job?

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                      I do feel bad for you all, i did not realise the extent of how little time LDSD Administrators / Developers are given in general and how lucky we are to work for a company who are willing to get the most out of the product. I'm branching out into other apps slowly and taking more on so my LANDesk time will reduce.


                      Maybe LANDesk need to start pushing their Pre-Sales guys to really push the benefit of in-house development and the framework concept that LANDesk offers, however that would not be beneficial to their consultant business so sadly will not happen.

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                        Well from my companies perspective. up until March this year. (LAndesk has been used here for 3 years now) the consultant was called in to do all application upgrades because there was no one in house willing to take the task on. Therefore we are still using 7.5.1 in our live environment. I have have now tested the upgrade to 7.7.1 and it's working in our test environment and now working on the live implementation. which is taking months to get done because of my commitments and the team that are supporting it also very difficult.



                        You are lucky but there's nothing for you to apologise for and not a lot LANDesk can do as it's a business decision to go down this route, no matter the benefits of having someone doing it full time.


                        Such is life.

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                          Nay, I have been in various support roles for almost 20 years, but I suppose my pride at having introduced tangible improvements shows through rather plainly.  I have always enjoyed mainline support before, but now I guess I feel like it is so much better.


                          I'll be honest though, whether it was LDMS, SCCM or Altiris the same situation would have been present in this firm.  The product would have been mishandled and I would have learned it and fixed it.


                          The interesting thing about it is that I haven't been formally trained.  All of my LDMS knowledge comes from two sources: tinkering with it and spending a lot of time reading here at the community.  Whenever I have downtime I and pushing towards a new project or goal with LDMS and am looking to make even more productivity changes.  Are we moving to MS Office 2013 some day?  Yeah probably, but I'm going to have the packages created and tested ahead of time so that when management asks about readiness I'll already have the answers.  The same goes for any other product that we have.  Google Chrome?  LDMS manages it now (to some extent).  Flash?  Java?  I've already got us managing the updates in LDMS.  What's next?


                          There's always something new on the horizon. 

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                            Lucky to do it with 2 people. One for Patchmanagment and I do the rest.

                            I started here 8 months ago and been busy rebuilding it as we had more then 2000 task for distributing less than 200 packages. It had been set up for the admins we have in the different sites ( 50 ) we have.

                            Because of the enormous amount of data and queries i handle with these amount of task is causing strange results.


                            Rebuilding the environment to having less than 500 task for the 200 packages to Software Portal deployment ("selfservice') but doing this with the packaging job can be very time consuming. The way i learn it is test it  before we run it but it's time consuming because it's not like expected. For example the detection is not used to detect a package is installed or not. ( this is only used for dependency packages or vulnebilities ) the way to go is via prerequistes ^^ read the manual first before making assumptions.

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                              I have no experience with LDSM at all it sounds a lot like SCCM and seems a beast!


                              I too for the several months prior to going on the boot camp was tinkering and fiddling to find my way and I enjoyed it. Going on the boot camp gave me direction though although very basic it put me on the right path.


                              CRB it sounds like you had a right messy setup to resolve so keep fighting the good fight!


                              Slapp I like your forward thinking and future proofing. I'm lucky I don't have to worry about that stuff.

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                                LDMS is a whole different animal.  I don't see how anyone could do both well.  Service Desk is enough to keep a person busy and LDMS is bigger.

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                                  Sorry always bargin in on the SD part. We don't have it jet in progress of getting new system tho and LD SD was in the running. 

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