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    Using alias email address

    MarcelloCentineo Specialist

      Hi everyone,


      I have a question regarding the inbound mail engine.


      I have ONE Inbound mailbox with n alias email addresses.

      E.g.: [email protected]

      Alias 1: [email protected]

      Alias 2: [email protected]



      All emails going into ONE mailbox which will be read by the inbound mail engine and will raise an Incident.


      My question is now: Is it possible to find out to which email address the email has been sent?!

      At the end I need a calculation at the beginning of my process which will assign the Incident to specific teams depending on the email address the email has been send to.


      Does someone know if there is a chance to find out where the mail has been send to?!




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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hey Marcello,


          This isn't possible I'm afraid.  You'd have to set up separate mailboxes.




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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            Is there a way that Exchange could put that email address into the body or from field?  If so, you could try to capture that text for the appropriate field and have a decision that would capture it as a "CONTAINS".

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              The answer is No and Yes.  It is not natively possible within SD, but you could do it with a little work outside of SD.


                1. Create a script (in VBA) or Application (in Visual Studio, etc.) that appends the Sender's address to the beginning of the message's Subject.  Something like:
                     Item.Subject = "[[email protected]] " + Item.Subject
                2. Create a rule on your mailbox in Exchange that runs against all messages that arrive.
                  If using a script, choose the action "Run a script".  If using a custom application, choose "Start application".
                3. Have conditions in your Workflow that check this updated Subject line and route it accordingly.  You may also want your process to strip out the email address from your updated subject, just to return it to normal.


              I'm also looking at a Powershell script that you could run on your Exchange server to replace the rule/script part, will let you know if anything comes of it.




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                Seems like it would be handy to be able to send an e-mail as someone else or as a specific e-mail address.  So many systems create incidents/events/etc as the e-mail address that sent it.  Sometimes you just want to use a bogus e-mail like [email protected].

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                  Email handling is a sore spot for LDSD and many other ITSM packages... it's amazing that no one has given it more attention or beefed it up with access to more of the email data, better options for processing, error handling on ticket creation, options for handling of unknown email addresses, maybe the use of a guest End User account for logging unknowns, etc., etc., etc.   It's like the neglected stepchild.