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    Avalanche SE -> Mobile unit encryption


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      I'm really struggling to understand whether the traffic between Avalanche and the enabler is encrypted, does anyone have any information? I'm looking to pass take cross-campus for mobile units (and thus networks I don't 'trust') because of the inclusion of WPA keys and the like I'll need to be careful that this traffic can't be sniffed from upstream routers and switches.


      Does anyone have any information on the subject?


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          nrasmussen SupportEmployee

          Hello Rob,


          By default the bulk of the mobile device connection is not encrypted. If you would like to enable full encryption this can be done in the Mobile Server Profile by selecting either Transport or Strict, see below for details between the two.  Once you enable this you would need to perform a deployment to push this to the mobile device server.




          Avalanche offers two options for encryption:


          Transport Encryption

          Matches the level of encryption with the capacity of the mobile device. Communication between the mobile device server and mobile devices will be encrypted to the degree possible.


          Strict Transport Encryption

          Uses AES encryption for information. Only Enablers that support AES encryption (Enabler 5.0 or newer) will be able to connect to the server when strict transport encryption is enabled.