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    Crystal Request.rpt - how to show full notes?


      I'm using the OOTB Request.rpt Crystal report. When I click on the report button (top right of the ticket screen), my lovely PDF is generated with one bug - the notes on the report (rm_request_note.rm_text) do not expand when the report is generated.


      For example, if there are return spaces in the notes field that I can see on screen (for example if someone has pasted an email into the notes field), I only get the first three lines showing in the report.



      As you can see, the 20/03/14 11.15 note has been cut off after the 'you state the following -'



      As you can see - in the standard report the notes field is in it's own section.


      Is there a way to force each note to dynamically size itself according to the number of lines within the notes field??