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    Odd Issue with Scheduled Calculation Backfill on Process Object / Attribute


      Hello Community,


      I have a really odd issue with back-filing data using a Scheduled Calculation and i am currently pulling my hair out .


      If i try to do the below steps on a an attribute / calculation based in Process (pm_process):


      1. Change the calculation type to Scheduled.

      2. In Schedule Manager create a new schedule item to run your calculation against all your records.

      3. Let the schedule run.

      4. Delete the schedule.

      5. Change the calculation type back to Before Save (and make sure it still has the dependencies it did before).


      It ignores me, i get as far as step 3, it runs but does not have any success (as it the counters remain blank) and then it jams all other schedules.


      30-07-2014 11-50-39.jpg


      It only does not run on the Process object by the looks of it, however it jams all other objects scheduled actions / jobs.


      i have tried reboots and IISResets with absolutely no luck! And if i go into SQL and set 'tps_is_active' to '0' then the other jobs continue to work on their next run.


      Has anyone seen this or does anyone have an idea how to workaround it? I thought about working around it by updating an attribute on the screen, of course Process does not have window data as such so i cannot.


      We are on LDSD 7.7.2.


      Any help would be brilliant.