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    Inventory not reflecting correct data.  OS>Policy>Strong Password and Screen Saver Password

    mlambert Apprentice

      Our Auditors want to use the Strong Password and Screen Saver Password attributes in inventory under OS > Policy in their reporting.  We've built the reports but we're finding that the values collect don't reflect the actual settings on the devices. 


      For instance, my device shows that I don't have a Strong Password policy applied as far as LD is concerned.  But when I run an RSOP, it clearly states that I have password complexity requirements. 


      My machine is not the only one doing this.  And other machines have incorrect data in the Screen Saver Password attribute. 


      Does anyone else see this problem in their inventories? 

      Does anyone know how LD derives whether these policies are inforced or not? 





      PS - We are running 9.5 SP2 with the 0417 patches.  I have also confirmed the same behavior in the recent 9.6 release that I have in test.