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    Issues with Capture and Deploy


      So I am trying to capture a simple image and deploy it to a computer.  I have followed the instructions outlined here:  How to Capture a Windows 7 image with OSD in LANDesk® Management Suite 9.5, 9.0 SP2 and SP3.  Please do NOT tell me to use provisioning "Because OSD is hard to troubleshoot and going away" considering the very FIRST step outlined in the document here: How to get started with Provisioning for Windows 7 in LANDESK® Management Suite 9.5 is to create and image using OSD and it points back to the first document. 


      I went through the first document.  It would pop up DOS windows and then hang and the process would show as "Failed" in scheduled tasks (I am dragging the device identified via MAC in WinPE managed mode.  Found out this can be fixed by manually change the I: and the H: drive to Z: and Y:.  After that changed at least the imaging tool RAN.  When it failed you could see the I and H drives were mapped, the paths were correct but the log showed: 


      "4439C4535C03","ERR_Fail",-1917190229,0:02:01,29/07/2014 3:37:49 PM,29/07/2014 3:39:50 PM,"ldrun drvmap.exe <domain>\ServiceLANDesk <passwd Hash Removed> I: """\\<FQDN>\legacy$""", STATUS FACILITY=3513"


      When you tried to run the command: "ldrun drvmap.exe <domain>\ServiceLANDesk <passwd Hash Removed> I: """\\<FQDN>\legacy$""", STATUS FACILITY=3513" what you got back was a BAD SYNTAX error.  Running Imagew command manually was able to create an image, but I have been unable to get that image to actually boot once deployed.  Once I changed the drive letters, the ImageW tool ran, but then created a file 4,736KB large and rebooted the computer no matter what partition you choose. 


      Beyond that, the unattended.XML file is never created by landesk so the options selected in Deploy simply don't get applied.  I had to change the H and I drives again in order to get the deploy to run as well. 


      Could someone please give me a hand with this.  I would just like it if the instructions actually worked so that I can do this most basic of tasks.