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    When creating a crystal report, some fields or attributes in the Incident table contains blank data

    bialae Apprentice

      I am creating a report using Crystal Report (in LDSD 7.7.2). The Table is 'im_incident' some fields that I need contains blank data, example of this field is 'Workstation'.

      However when creating a query, the Table is called 'Incident [im_incident]' and the field is 'Workstation.Display Name [usr_displayname]' and this one has data in it.

      I see when creating the query that the field 'Workstation [usr_workstation]' is a one-to-one relationship to the table.

      However in Crystal Reports it does not show being a relationship, it shows simply as a field, and it is blank.

      Please would anyone kindly help me on this?

      Thank you all so very much.