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    Coresync Service keeps stopping

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      We are on LD 9.5 SP2 with the LD95-CP_BASE-2014-0417 patch installed.


      We use a "Gold" or Master Core to replicate out our baseline group and more.   Since upgrading (in place) to LD 9.5 SP2 from LD 9.0 SP3 we are having issues with the CoreSync Service stopping when we are trying to sync out a Custom Patch Group that contains about 1300 hundred patches (definitions).


      Is anyone else having this issue?  We have opened a ticket with LANDesk.


      We have also purged all patch content on the Gold Core and re downloaded content and painstakingly re-added all of the required patches to the group and tried again, same results...


      ZMAN, I think you use large groups, don't you??