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    Bundled SQL Server Express Administration


      Hi!  I was wondering if anyone has some info on this.  I have been searching high and low for the answer to this but have found nothing.


      If LANDesk (9.5 or 9.6) has been implemented with the SQL Server Express (Bundled) version, the SQL Server Express version gets installed and configured automatically without any user involvement.


      This being the case, what happens in the situations where a LANDesk administrator, for whatever reason, wants to administer the SQL Express database that has been installed and configured automatically?


      Let's say, for example, the LANDesk admin wants to back up the LANDesk SQL database.  Is there any way to administer the bundled SQL Express on the core server?  I have tried a couple things already that did not work. 


      Why is the default sa account login info not found in any of the install documentation?  Or is it and I have just missed it?




      Thank you!