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    Searching issues in SelfService?


      Hi, is there any way to search incidents, request, problems etc. in SelfService when i'm logged in as EndUser ?


      SEARCH field situated on the top of whola SS pages is searching only in KB articles.
      Any ideas?



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          sandeepbratch Apprentice

          Hi Jake,


          The search box is hard coded to search for knowledge articles.  You would have to create a query with search criteria specifically for end users and publish it on a dashboard on self service for them.



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            You're right. Thx so much Man

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              My users can search for documents so I think it's more than just articles.  I use permissions to control what documents they can see.  Do you really want your users looking through the incidents of other people?  That doesn't sound like a great idea.  Articles and documents that have been reviewed as safe for the public seems a lot safer.

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                I've made a query with criteria's like this:
                - show all processes of current user
                - prompt user for process ID


                i need this only for generate LINK which is ended with ID of process for using it somewhere else

                P.S. As you can see thay can not see processes of others. No worries

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                  sandeepbratch Apprentice

                  Yes you're right.  When I said articles I really meant anything within the KB that is accessible to them.  I agree with you on your point about allowing users to search through incidents not being a good idea.  We have a 'My calls' dashboard for them that shows calls raised by them, on their behalf etc.

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                    Just curious, do you use report templates and are you happy with the looks?  I am using a report template but not exactly thrilled with the looks.  It's not horrible by any means just seems kind of plain.

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                      sandeepbratch Apprentice

                      We do and I agree with you.  To be honest we haven't spent too much time on them - just made sure they provide enough information.  The widgets look something like this:



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                        aparker Employee

                        Hi Jake,


                        Self Service is designed to prevent the end user from being able to search for anything that is based on the standard processes. They will only see content that has been created through the normal knowledge activities of article and document creation. This is to ensure that there are no issues of security about the data that is contained within the IPC processes. The fundamental premise in SD is that you generate knowledge articles from other processes rather than make those processes searchable. I would go so far as to say that this is also best practice to ensure that the quality of the knowledge that is being made available to your end users is appropriate.


                        If you make an Incident process searchable, you will get everything that has been entered without any checks or QA. I wouldn't want to cast doubt on your analysts, but in general the average analyst in the street will not add information to an incident resolution field that is fit for user consumption, especially when they are under pressure. I would strongly advise that you create the ability to generate knowledge articles from IPC processes and QA them through the article process before they are published to your customers. I can assure you that you will benefit in the long run as it will avoid any unforeseen surprises. The creation of effective knowledge is a key part of providing the end user with access to self help through the web and it does take some effort and planning on the part of the IT organisation.