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    Provisioning Variable returns Null


      I am trying to copy a file using provisioning.


      Since it is a mixed I wanted to use a DB value.


      I called my public variable ALLUSERPRO

      Type: Database Value

      Replacement Value: "Computer"."Environment"."Variable"."ALLUSERSPROFILE"."Value"


      Core Prov log:

      XML Snippet to be used:

      <variables /><Copy_file><source>\\vmlandeskcore\software\Packages\GDPicture\ScanViewLive.lnk</source><destination>%ALLUSERPRO%\desktop</destination><copySubItem>False</copySubItem></Copy_file>


      The file would not copy. If I hard coded the destination path it worked flawlessly. This leads me to belive the variable is returning NULL


      Before you reply I did remember I could just use %%ALLUSERSPROFILE%% and get the local variable from the client. I still want to use variables in the future


      My questions are:

      why was the variable null?

      How can I test a public variable ?