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    Process Manager vs Process Designer?


      Total noob question.  I know we are using process designer to create some business workflows outside of the normal ITSM.  I wanted to get additional training and was looking at the available training from Landesk.  They show a Landesk Process Manager (LPM) course and then later course for Landesk Service Desk Process Designer.  What is the difference between the two products?  How do I know which one I have with my Total User Management licenses?  Isn't even a different product?

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          Truffles SupportEmployee

          If you have a TUM license then you should have a full copy of ALM/LPM. Service Desk has a process engine like LPM but from what I hear it's not quite as powerful as LPM. Also, both products are geared towards different end goals. ALM/LPM is asset management (I think it's ITAM or ITAMAM, the acronym may have changed) while Service Desk is an ITIL product. Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a small add on to LPM that allows for states and other asset management objects to track the life of just about any asset (or object...like purchase orders) that you can think of.