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    Preferred server read-only user account


      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to image and provision Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 8.1 update. I found this provisioning guide for Windows 7 and using it as a sample. After hours of fiddling with sysprep, unattend.xml and finding out how to do this and that in LDMS I managed to capture an image of Win2008R2. Now I'd like to provision it, but got stuck with the preferred server setup. It needs a read-only user account. I'm not able to find out to which share or what other thing should this account have read-only access. Is this a Windows account on the Core server or an account somewhere else? Thanks

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          The account needs at least read access to the share or shares where your image, software, drivers, etc are.

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            Thanks for the answer. So far I only have a share with images, no software, no drivers. I created a Windows user and granted him read-only access to the images share. I can access this share from an another Windows machine logging in with this user's username and password and I can confirm that the access is read-only (I see the image I created before but I'm not able to create a folder/file or change anything). However when I tell Landesk in the Preferred server setup to use this username and password and test the credentials, I get an error saying "UNC authentication failed". Maybe Landesk does not know, where my images share is?

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              In my experience the test credentials button has been pretty flaky/sensitive.  Try the FQDN, just the Hostname, and just the IP address of your server.  I get failures with the FQDN and success with the hostname.  Kick off a provisioning task and see if the job actually completes.

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                Yes, that was it! Server name has to be an IP address in my case. Not hostname, not FQDN. I found out, that the Windows machine running LDMS cannot resolve it's own hostname for some reason. It can resolve it's IP address to FQDN, FQDN to IP address but not plain hostname to IP. Other machines on the network resolve LDMS' hostname without an issue.


                When using the core server also as preferred server, I don't need a Replicator nor to set up Sources, is that right?

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                  See about disabling IPv6 on your core server, or at least set IPv4 to priority/preference.  I had an issue with my core server not being able to resolve itself due to IPv6.


                  And no, you won't need replicator or sources if you aren't going to be replicating anything.