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    After upgrading to 7.72, 2 questions on the actions workspace


      Upgrade history: upgraded from 7.5 to 7.7.2 and installed the application and database on new servers.


      Question 1:

      Becase I now have 2 production systems (I did turn off the application pool on old app server so it error out) I want to change the window and tree colors but when I looked at a ticket all the colors changed correctly except in the action workspace.  The backgroup changed, but the text did not.  Is their a separate setting to change this?


      Question 2:

      I know the action workspace has been improved where avalible actions are at the top and all other actions under a line that separate the two.  After upgrading all my actions are still alphabetic order.  Is their a setting for this or could this a an issure with my database?